Collin Hansen
Founder and Counselor

I was stuck in sex addiction for 20 years of my life. I vowed that if I could get over this vice I'd give back to the cause that had helped me so much. I didn't know at the time I'd help those experiencing sex addiction and betrayal trauma professionally. But here I am. I've found my passion. Everyday I get to watch as people I work with find healing and experience happiness  again in their lives.

Our Story

On our first anniversary, my wife said, ‘Not every guy looks at porn’ and I replied ‘Yes they do…..’ Needless to say, I’d just given my secret away. This was the beginning of our long journey of healing through my pornography addiction and her feelings of betrayal.  This journey has been the toughest experience of our lives.  But it has also catapulted us into a life of discovery and growth. We are grateful for our experience and look forward to sharing our knowledge with those of you who are seeking hope and healing.