Betrayal Trauma

From my personal experience as a sex addict, and witnessing the impact this had on my wife, I understand the profound emotional impact that betrayal can have on men and women whose partners struggle with sex addiction. The range of emotions experienced can be overwhelming, including feelings of anger, rage, fear, and a sense of instability. It is not uncommon for people to question their own sanity or experience guilt for not recognizing the signs sooner or ignoring their instincts that something was wrong.

Many people grapple with self-blame, believing it is their fault for not being better or for staying with a partner who has betrayed their trust. These emotions can lead to mood swings, substance use to numb the pain, and threats of divorce. The confusion and uncertainty can be paralyzing, making it difficult to decide on the best course of action.

Trust in the relationship can be severely damaged, leading to conflicting desires to stay with their partner one minute and wanting them out of the house the next. I recognize that everyone’s experience is unique, and each individual's journey to healing will be different.

My compassionate Practice is here to support people who have been betrayed by their partners, offering understanding, guidance, and tailored care for each individual. I recognize the emotional complexities and are committed to helping you navigate the path to healing, rebuilding trust, and finding a way forward in your relationship.