Support Group Agreement

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Please read the below and sign. Once received the zoom link for this meeting will be emailed to you to join. You must admit being a sex addict to join the men’s only meetings and you must be a partner of a sex addict to join the partner’s meeting.

  • Collin A. Hansen Counseling provides support groups for sex addiction and betrayal trauma to both clients and the community.
  • These support groups are not therapy. The recovery of those attending is not being tracked and no notes are taken during these meetings.
  • Collin A. Hansen Counseling provides the internet platform and/or the location for these groups to gather.
  • Collin Hansen attends these meetings as a facilitator from time to time to ensure meeting quality and effectiveness. When Collin is present, he has legal obligations he must abide. Because he is a licensed counselor in the state of Washington state he is a mandatory reporter. This means he has a duty to report any abuse of minors and of at risk or disabled adults. Abuse consists of sexual and physical abuse, and neglect. If any information of this kind is divulged, he must report it to the proper authorities. He must report any desires for you to harm yourself or anyone else.
  • Collin cannot guarantee your confidentiality in these meetings as he cannot manage attendees outside of these groups. By signing it, you have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of all members you come in contact within this group setting.
  • These support groups are led by individual volunteers who regularly attend the meetings. They do not provide professional therapy or coaching.
  • Group members often share their contact information with one another to support one another in their recovery. You are not required to do so. However, if you decide to do so, you share your contact information of your own free will and choice.
  • It is possible you see Collin as a client and attend these support meetings. It is also possible that you are not Collin’s client and attend these support group meetings. In either case, when attending Collin’s support group meetings, you are not being treating as his client.
  • Poor behavior can lead to your removal from support groups either by Collin Hansen or designated volunteer group leaders. Poor behavior is determined by Collin Hansen or volunteer group leaders.

Please note your personal data will be stored in this website and in MailChimp and will be used to support your coaching experience with Kirutz. Please note that the website is not HIPAA compliant, and although this is not required as a coaching / support group client, if you ever receive individual or couples counseling from Kirtuz your information will continue to be stored on this website and in MailChimp. Read our privacy policy.

By signing this document, you attest that you have read and understood, and agreed to all information found herein.

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